FESA, the Free Enterprise Space Agency, has designed a better, cheaper space shuttle, a better cheaper Moon lander and a viable plan to land men on Mars within two years.

FESA is under the direct control of Blue, Ltd. and was organized by a group of former NASA affiliates who thought that NASA had become a bloated bureaucracy which spent too much time trying to justify its own existence and too much money on old school technology. These maverick rocket scientists are headed by Phineas T. Buckworthy, PhD, who is the CEO of FESA.

FESA is headquartered at Blue Ltd.’s main laboratory in the industrial outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico. They maintain a secret launching facility in the Bahamas.

Phineas T. Buckworthy, Ph.D., physics, the University of Texas, is the Chairman of FESA. Being a hands-on type of guy he is also the project manager for every FESA flight.
Buckworthy is obsessed with his manned Mars mission which is to take place in two years. He lives, eats and breathes space exploration


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